INTERNATIONAL CASTING SERVICES... feature film, television series or commercial.

Juli-Ann Kay has 30 years experience in the entertainment business ... when she started working in the Hollywood film industry, she wasn’t even old enough to get a driver’s permit! Her early days as casting assistant included the experience of seeing a young Mr. Travolta casting back in the day of Welcome Back Kotter.

Since then, she has continued to work with HOLLYWOOD’s BRIGHTEST and FINEST.
Her professional vault of information is so vast that it is more like a sixth sense at this point in her career. If you are looking for a master of casting, then look no further... Juli-Ann Kay can get the job done like no other.

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Some of her work includes "K-19: The Widowmaker" (Harrison Ford, 2002); "Death to Smoochy" (Robin Williams, 2002); "Serendipity" (John Cusack / Kate Beckinsale, 2001); "X-Men" (Halle Berry/ Hugh Jackman, 2000); "Pushing Tin" (Billy Bob Thornton/ Angelina Jolie, 1999);  ... see IMDB profile for more

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