Juli-Ann is one of the most highly regarded people in today's film industry. Her professional experience is impressive on it's own, yet there is more to her beyond just business. She understands people innately. Juli-Ann can size up a situation in an instant, then suggest a course of action to resolve a performer's block.

It could be said that her experience as an actress has contributed to that insight, but it goes beyond simple experience. She is gifted with a highly tuned instinct and uses it to bring about results for her client.

Whether she is molding an amateur actor into a finely-tuned artist - or assisting an A-List Star with their technique - Ms. Kay treats all with respect. She conducts herself with a rare degree of integrity.

The formulaic principles that she imparts on performers leave a lasting impression. When the actor chooses to follow her formula, they can expect to deliver stellar performances, consistently.

Any filmmaker faced with performance obstacles will find her to be an essential ingredient to their project's success.

Some of her work includes "K-19: The Widowmaker" (Harrison Ford, 2002); "Death to Smoochy" (Robin Williams, 2002); "Serendipity" (John Cusack / Kate Beckinsale, 2001); "X-Men" (Halle Berry/ Hugh Jackman, 2000); "Pushing Tin" (Billy Bob Thornton/ Angelina Jolie, 1999); ... see IMDB profile for more